Primula Candelabra Mixed / Primula x bulleesiana / Seeds

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Primula Candelabra Mixed / Primula x bulleesiana / Seeds

Candelabra Primroses are particularly striking plants, with tall spikes of flowers in early summer, from June to July.  There are 3-6 whorls of flowers on each stem, which grow 40-60cm in height, and flowers appear in shades of yellow, to red to violet. They look particularly good growing in drifts around the garden.

Candelabra Primroses grow best in sun to part-shade and moist, well drained, humous rich soils.  They grow well besides streams and around trees with enough moisture in the ground.  They do not like waterlogged soils.

Pack of approx 100 small seeds.  Sow the seeds in winter to early summer.  A period of chilling will enhance germination.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet. 

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy deciduous perennial (RHS Hardiness H5)
Flowers June and July
Height 40 - 60cm
Spread 40cm
Conditions  Part shade and moist, well drained, humus rich soil
Sow Sow in winter to early summer on the surface of a tray of moist seed compost.  Press the seeds gently into the compost and cover with clear plastic.  Keep at a cool 12-15C and germination takes 3-4 weeks. They do not mind spells of cold weather. If there is no germination in 4 weeks, move the tray to a fridge for 2-4 weeks and back outside for germination.  Do not use a greenhouse or propagator for germinating these seeds, as cooler temperatures are better.  Transplant seedlings into pots when they have grown at least 4 leaves and grow on in cooler conditions.  Plant out into the garden after the last frost.  
Grow These plants die back in winter, when they can be tidied up.  A rosette of leaves appears again in spring.  Mature clumps can be divided in spring.  Plants self seed naturally but not invasively.