Santolina rosmarinifolia / Cotton Lavender / Seeds

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Santolina rosmarinifolia / Cotton Lavender / Seeds

A lovely small shrub with fragrant feathery green leaves, growing to about 60cm in height and spreading out to about 1m.  It has soft decorative button-like yellow flowerheads in July to September.  The green leaves contrast nicely with the more common silver-leaved Santolina. This is a very adaptable plant and can be trimmed into an attractive small hedge.

Santolina prefers a sunny and well drained position, in not-too-rich soil.  It can tolerate low watering, and is a good low maintenance plant during the summer.

Pack of 50 seeds.  Sow when you can maintain temperatures of 15-20C for germination and can grow on in frost free conditions.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy evergreen herb / small shrub (RHS Hardiness H5)
Flowers July to September
Height 60cm
Spread 100cm
Conditions  Sun and well-drained soil
Sow Sow anytime, typically spring to autumn.  Sow the seeds in moist seed compost and cover lightly with 1mm of compost.  Keep at 15-18C and seedlings start to emerge in 3-4 weeks, with stragglers appearing for several months.  Pot on and grow until the plants are ready for the garden, and place in a sunny, well drained and not too fertile spot. 
Grow These are evergreen plants and only need a light trim in the autumn after flowering. Older plants can be cut back hard in spring.  Plants can be trimmed into a low hedge.  Plants are generally free of pests and diseases.  Semi-hardwood cuttings can be taken in late summer.