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Just arrived - a limited supply of Natal Lily seeds!

We have a limited supply of Clivia miniata or Natal Lily seeds available this autumn.  These are unconventional large fleshy seeds only available in small quantities in late autumn here in the UK.

The seeds set in green fleshy pods that slowly ripen to red.  Once ripe, the pods are broken open and up to 4 seeds removed from each pod.  The seeds are cleaned and the slimy film removed and then sown straight away in a tray of seed compost, burying each seed only half way into the seed compost.  The seed tray needs to be kept moist and warm, typically 16-25 degrees Celcius and the seeds germinate within 2-4 weeks.  Each seed sends out a root shoot first, followed by a fleshy stem.

Natal Lilies are frost tender, coming from sub-tropical areas of Southern Africa, so they are grown as houseplants in the UK.  They are forest plants and prefer to grow away from direct sunlight and can tolerate dryer soils.

These are typically pricey seeds and plants, as the seeds do not store well and the plants grow slowly, taking up to 4 years to reach flowering size.  I like growing from seed as there will be some variation in the flower colour, from yellow to red, but most plants will flower in orange.

  Ripened Clivia seed pods

 Clivia seeds, removed from the pods, cleaned and ready to sow

  Clivia seedling, about 1 year old

 Adult Clivia in flower!

Interesting in buying, sowing and growing these plants from seed?  See more information.

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