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Reducing plastic in the garden - going back to wooden seed trays

Reducing plastic in the garden - going back to wooden seed trays

Most of us are keen to reduce our use of plastic in the garden.  One of the easiest changes you can make is switching from plastic to wooden seed trays.  These PlantGenesis trays are made from Larch and will raise hundreds of batches of healthy seedlings.  Larch is a very durable wood, lasting for years, even when exposed to damp soil.   Wooden seed trays also reduce the risk of damping-off diseases, giving you better germination success.

These trays are also good for storing small pot plants once the seedlings are potted up. And I use them for storing bulbs and garden tools.  Husband Steve made some for me a few years ago, and they have worked so well I thought our friends and customers would like to try them.  Thanks to those who have bought some from the local Veryan & Portloe shop and encouraged Steve to make more!  

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What a great blog ...wonderful plants and so informative .
Posted By: Karen-Anne Johnson  - 18 Apr 2020 19:11

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