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Set Your New Year’s Resolution for a Garden Revolution!

Set Your New Year’s Resolution for a Garden Revolution!

Do you want a lovely garden but it never quite happens?  Then read on for some tips of how to make that garden dream a reality in 2019.   Learn about how to envision your goals, get stuck-in and grow the plants that thrive in your garden.

Envision your garden.   In your heart, you know what you want from your garden.  Is it the sun-filled patio, the rows of crispy veg, the bees buzzing amid the wildflowers, the chirping of birds or the flow of water?  Put your ideas on paper, invite a garden friend round and talk them through it.  It helps to share your ideas and cement your enthusiasm for the work ahead.  An experienced friend will give you some helpful feedback.

Then, get stuck in.  Now, in winter!  Unless you pay a landscaper and professional gardener to do the work, it will be done by you and anyone else who can be persuaded to help.  Although you have some goals in mind, the process of doing the work is very rewarding.  A garden is made by the time spent throughout the year.  Your garden will benefit from a little every day rather than a marathon in the spring.

Learn how to grow your plants.  If you are the type that buys that expensive plant in flower on an impulse and then ‘finds’ a place in the garden, then consider a change!  Grow your plants from seeds and cuttings.  Then you will know them well, know their pests and diseases and understand how to coax them into flower year after year.  Friends will share seeds and cuttings.  Ditch the plants that do not thrive in your garden or just need more attention that you think is worth it.  Consider growing much more in summer and autumn and the small plants that you nurture at this time become a glorious display the following summer.

Look around your local gardens and markets.  This will tell you what plants grow well in your area and connect you to local growers.  Local growers often supply plants that are adapted to your conditions and they have knowledge you can benefit from.  For example, in Cornwall, attend the Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show in early April, the Hardy Plant Society Plant Fair in May in Truro and the Tregrehan Garden Rare Plant Fair in June.  There are often plant sellers at your local markets.

Don’t be put off by the cost.
  Yes, a large patio of Portland stone will set off the plants beautifully but other materials, such as gravel, are just are effective.   Be inventive and try new things.  If you can learn the skill of growing your own plants, this will also help contain the costs.

And finally, there is no perfection.  There is no perfect garden and most of us get the enjoyment from the doing as much as from the admiring.  Set new goals each year to keep your garden evolving.    

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