Erysimum cheiri 'Orange Bedder’ / Wallflower / Cheiranthus / Seeds
£ 1.59
An easy to grow Wallflower, with vivid orange flowers from March to May.
Pack of seeds (1g Approx 500 seeds)
Festuca cinerea Glauca / Blue Fescue Grass / Seeds
£ 1.79
A neat ornamental grass with attractive silvery-blue leaves and pale flowers in late summer
Packet of seeds (approx 600 seeds)
Galium odoratum / Sweet Woodruff / Seeds
£ 1.95
Excellent ground cover, including dry shade, with white star-shaped flowers in late spring.
Pack of seeds (30 seeds)
Geissorhiza inflexa / Red Satin Flower / Seeds
£ 1.95
This is a beautiful red form of Geissorhiza, with star-shaped flowers in spring.
Pack of seeds (10 seeds)
Geissorhiza tulbaghensis / Satin Flower / Seeds
£ 1.95
A Satin Flower with spring flowers in white with blue centres.
Pack of seeds (10 seeds)
Geranium phaeum / Black Widow / Dusky Cranesbill / Hardy Perennial / Seeds
£ 2.95
A versatile plant for sun and shade, with dark purple flowers in early summer.
Pack of seeds (20 seeds)
Helianthemum 'Mutabile Mixture' / Rock Rose / Seeds
£ 1.59
Rock Roses are lovely plants for a hot dry border or rock garden, and these have a mix of flowers from late spring to mid summer.
Packet of seeds (approx 500 seeds)
Iberis sempervirens ‘Snowflake’/  Candytuft / Seeds
£ 1.79
A stunning white flowered low growing plant thin evergreen leaves and a profusion of white flowers in spring to midsummer.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Penstemon barbatus 'Cambridge Mixture' / 1st Year Flowering / Seeds
£ 1.59
A lovely mix of compact Penstemon in shades of pink, rose, blue and purple from June to September.
Packet of seeds (50 seeds)