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Three more First Year Flowering Perennials

Three more First Year Flowering Perennials
After the success of last week’s post about the arrival of some new First Year Flowering Perennial seeds, here are three more to try!  A reminder that these hardy plants will flower in the first year when grown early from seed, and grow on to live for many years.  Most need sowing in a greenhouse or indoor propagator, but some seeds can go directly into the ground.

Larkspurs often flower first year if sown early – try two contrasting blues from the Delphinium Belladonna series: ‘Clivedon Beauty’ flowers in pale blue and ‘Bellamosum Dark Blue’ flowers in a much darker shade of blue, both grow beautifully together in a border.

Slender Vervain (Verbena rigida) is a great choice for a border or edging in warmer southern or western UK gardens (it is only just-hardy) – with similar pompom flowers to the taller Verbena bonariensis, but a much more manageable height at 30-50cm. Plants flower later in the first summer, and then all summer in the second.   Verbena hastata is good choice too.

Iceland Poppies (Papaver ‘Artist’s Glory') – unlike most poppies, which have a limited flowering season, these poppies flower all summer and live on for a further two to three years.  The seeds of Iceland Poppies can be sown directly into cultivated ground or containers and are easy to grow.

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