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Tithonia or Mexican Sunflowers - How did they pass me by?!

Tithonia or Mexican Sunflowers - How did they pass me by?!

Sometimes I am guilty of living on my own ‘plant-bubble’, only admiring and growing plants that I like.  So when I was asked for Tithonia seeds several times last year, it forced me to look into this plant, and to find some seed.  This year, we are selling Tithonia ‘Goldfinger’.

Tithonias come from the hotter parts of North America and grow big daisy-like flowers, in bright orange.  Growing over a metre tall in a single season, they are a great plant for a border and a vase.  I see they prefer a warm sheltered garden, and not-too-rich soil and deliver months of late colour flowers. 

I particularly like the orange and blue colour combination, so try growing Tithonia alongside Salvia ‘Victoria’ (main picture) or Verbena bonariensis.   

 Tithonia and Verbena bonariensis

Orange with green looks good too, so Dill and Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’ would work well together. 

Tithonias are not frost tolerant and grow as annuals in the UK.  In their natural climate they are perennial plants and live for many years in frost-free sunny gardens.  They die down naturally in winter, so don’t be too hasty in removing apparently dead plants in winter if you think they may survive in your garden.  They are easy to grow from seed, and are worth the effort of sowing fresh each year.

  Tithonia 'Goldfinger'

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