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Whirling Butterflies flower into autumn

Whirling Butterflies flower into autumn

Whirling Butterflies continue to flower prolifically into late September.  These are great plants suitable for a wide range of gardens. 

This plant is growing amongst Agapanthus in a small patio garden overlooking the sea here in the Roseland Peninsula, surviving a very hot and dry summer with no damage.  It is combined exclusively with blue Agapanthus, which creates an appealing impression in a small space.  These plants look equally good growing in naturalistic gardens and borders, effectively filling spaces and helping plants blend into one another to provide waves of colour and form.

Gaura normally flowers in white or pink.  White flowers bring brightness into gardens in autumn when the natural light is reducing. Gaura ‘The Bride’ is a good white variety available to grow from seed.  The white forms of Gaura sometimes flower with tinges of pink, which I think adds to their appeal.  These are perennial plants from the southern states of the US and are fast growing and hardy for most of the UK (RHS Hardiness H4).  Sow the seeds in late winter/early spring for first year flowers. 

Plants grow into appealing clumps over the years.  They need little attention, with just a cut back in autumn or spring.  Best to cut back in spring rather than autumn in colder areas, as a cold winter can damage new growth.  Cuttings can be taken in spring and summer and mature plants can be divided, so once you have these plants in your garden, you can reproduce as many as you need for yourself.

Buy Gaura seeds here.

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