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Wildflowers of Cornwall - Red Valerian

At this time of year, when the skies are cold and dull, I  look out my window and desperately want the weather to fast forward.  So I have put together some photos of Red Valerian, a plant that defines the Cornish landscape in summer.   As I look through the photos taken by local photographer Sally Bauckham, it is hard to imagine these plants are garden escapees and not a native British wildflower.  They arrived in Britain from the Mediterranean over 500 years ago and are happily settled on cliffs and roadside hedges with flowers in shades of red, pink and white.  

Red Valerian growing in the cliffs over Newquay Harbour.

Red Valerian flowers in white as well as pink and red.

Bees and butterflies love them as they are rich in nectar.

Valerian is naturalised into the landscape in Cornwall.


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