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What can I sow in January?

There are some plants that really benefit from an early start.  If you have a propagator, warm windowsill or greenhouse, you can sow seeds in January for earlier and more reliable fruits and flowers.  If you have a heated propagator try sowing some of these:

Rose-Scented Pelargonium          Cup & Saucer Vine                      Snapdragons

             Pansies                                 Chilli Peppers                               Dianthus

In a greenhouse you can sow Sweetpeas and Iceland poppies.

      Hanging Sweetpeas                Climbing Sweetpeas                  Iceland Poppies

Not all seeds benefit from an early start, especially those sown directly into the ground, so check sowing instructions before getting started.

Sowing and growing in January does require a bit of extra attention.  Remember to use clean trays and fresh compost as damping off (a disease which kills young seedlings below and above ground) is more likely in winter and cleanliness helps to prevent it.  Remember to sow seeds sparingly (not too many seeds in one pot or seed tray) and provide enough heat and then light once the seedlings emerge.  Good growing!

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