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Mediterranean garden perfect colour combination

Mediterranean garden perfect colour combination
I visited Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens with a friend last year in Dorset.  Itís a really fantastic garden and well worth a detour to get there.  We went in high summer on a very hot day and the Mediterranean garden was looking truly wonderful.  I was particularly taken with the combination of silver, yellow and blue planting, contrasting so well with the dry landscaping.

The silver and yellow colours are from the Curry Plant (Helichrysum italicum) and the blue from English Lavender.  Iím not sure of the Lavender variety in this case, but Lavender ĎMunsteadí would be a good choice.  Or Lavender 'Hidcote Blue'.

 Curry Plant      Lavender 'Munstead'   

This is not a difficult look to re-create in your own garden.  You need to find a sunny position, with well-drained soil.  Plants grow best if the soil is not too fertile, so heavy duty composting is not required!  Try and find space for groups of plants placed in drifts and this is where growing from seed is so helpful, as you can raise a large number of plants in one batch at low cost.  Allow the first year to germinate and grow the plants, plant them out in the summer or early autumn and in the second year you will have a lovely Mediterranean display.

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