Herb Seeds

Dill 'Vierling' / Anethum graveolens / Flower and Culinary Herb / Seeds
A tall and sturdy variety of Dill with tasty leaves and yellow umbels of flowers from July to September.
Pack of 1g (approx 600) seeds.
Foeniculum vulgare 'Smokey' / Bronze Fennel / Flower and Culinary Herb / Seeds
A bronze-leaved variety of Fennel for the border and herb garden with yellow umbels of flowers from June to August.
Pack of approx 600 seeds.
Galium odoratum / Sweet Woodruff / Seeds
Excellent ground cover, including dry shade, with white star-shaped flowers in late spring.
Pack of seeds (30 seeds)
Helichrysum italicum / Curry Plant / Italian Strawflower / Seeds
A Mediterranean herb with evergreen sliver-grey leaves and golden yellow flowers in summer.
Packet of seeds (approx 100 small seeds)
Herniaria glabra 'Green Creeper' / Rupturewort / Lawn Alternative / Seeds
A low growing, mat forming evergreen plant often used as a lawn substitute
Pack of seeds (approx 500 seeds)
Hypericum perforatum / St John's Wort / Medicinal Herb / Seeds
A medicinal herb with golden yellow flowers in early summer, from June to July/August
Pack of seeds (Approx 4000 seeds)
Hyssop 'Blue' / Hyssopus officinalis / Seeds
A lovely garden plant and culinary herb, with deep blue flowers from July to September.
Pack of seeds (Approx 1000 seeds)
Isatis tinctoria / Woad / Seeds
A biennial herb, the original source of Indigo, with brilliant yellow flowers in early summer.
Pack of seeds (50 Seeds)
Melissa officinalis / Lemon Balm / Herbal Tea & Culinary Herb / Seeds
Lemon Balm is mostly grown for its tasty lemon-scented leaves, which are great in teas and for flavouring food.
Pack of seeds (Approx 2000 seeds)