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15 Cut Flowers to Grow from Seed

15 Cut Flowers to Grow from Seed
Cut flowers are easy and rewarding to grow from seed.  Whether you are a cut flower grower or a gardener who brings flowers into the house, we have some ideas for you.  

Aim to achieve a mix of colours and textures and a prolonged flowering period from early summer into autumn.  Try growing brightly coloured flowers and contrast with more subtle green and white flowers.  Include different flower shapes, such as daisies contrasting with umbels.  Include a variety of textures, such as strawflowers and grass flowers.  And add scented flowers such as sweet peas and tobacco plants. 

A prolonged flowering period is achieved by sowing seeds in batches every fortnight during spring and early summer, spreading out the growing effort and flowering times.  Also notice the natural flowering time of plants to include early summer and late autumn colours.  Add plants whose flowers and seed heads can be dried in autumn so you can extend flower arrangements into the winter.

Good cut flowers should last well in a vase and have strong stems that hold the flowers upright.  Here are 15 cut flower seeds to try this year.

Hardy short-lived perennials with silky petals in pastel colours from May to September.
Hardy annuals with large umbel-shaped flowers in white from June to the first frosts.

Just-hardy annuals with appealing and unusual yellow-green flowers from May to July which look good both fresh and dried.

Hardy annuals for direct sowing with a good range of colours from May to August.

Half-hardy annuals in a wide range of colours from July to the first frosts, with exceptional vase life, and good dried flowers for winter.

Half-hardy annuals in a new dwarf mix in shades of white, pink and red from June to October. These dwarf varieties do not need staking.  Fluted forms are such as Cosmos 'Seashells' are also popular.

Half-hardy annuals with a very long flowering period from May/June to the first frosts in hot colour mixes of yellow and orange.

Half-hardy annuals with exotic leaves and large spidery flowers in white and pink from July to September.

Tender annuals with upright dark blue flowers, flecked with white, from June/July to the first frosts.  Flowers are good both cut and dried.

Half-hardy annuals with scented lime green flowers from July to September contrasting well with other flower colours.

Half-hardy annuals in hot flower shades, with appealing dark centres, from July to the first frosts.

Half-hardy climbing annuals with big, scented flowers in a range of colours from June to August.

Hardy perennials for years of hot colours from July to September with appealing curved flowers. 
Flowering starts reliably in the second year. 

Hardy perennial daisies for early flowers in May to June in shades of red and pink. Flowering starts reliably in the second year.

Half-hardy annuals/perennial grasses with appealing fluffy flowers from June to September that are good both fresh and dried.

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